GaitSymKinect 2015

This is special version of GaitSym 2015 which has been designed to allow the model to be controlled using a Kinect for Xbox One sensor attached to a PC using the Kinect Adaptor for Windows. That means it currently only works under Windows 8 or higher since this version of the sensor does not have open source drivers. It was written for use in education and public outreach and funded by the NERC 50th Anniversary Summer of Science and all models and software are usable under the Creative Commons Creative Commons, Attribution licence (CC-BY). The software is open source and is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 except for parts of the software that are covered by different licences.

Kinect at Cheltenham 660x660
GaitSymKinect in action with a Gorgosaurus model at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2015

Please let me know if there are problems with the binary so I can fix it. You should just need to copy all the included files into a folder on your computer and run the application by double clicking GaitSymKinect.exe. Downloading the Kinect for Xbox One SDK is a good idea since it include sample applications so that you can test your Xbox hardware on the PC. Compiling from source requires Qt 5 and Visual Studio as well as the normal GaitSym dependencies (libxml2 and the modified OpenDE).

The following models (designed by Stuart Pond and rigged by Bill Sellers) are available for download:
GaitSymKinect Dinosaurs 660x684

The models 3D print beautifully although you do need to play around with suitable supports to make it work well:
3D print skulls 660x288
Edmontonia, Edmontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Gorgosaurus