Other Models

Here are a selection of other models that have been created over the years. They do still mostly run with the latest version of GaitSym but they do not take advantage of its newer features so they probably need a certain amount of editing before they are used. They should probably be considered as starting point for creating new models.

Human Walking Models

These models are hindlimb only 2.5D and 3D walking models using a basic human anatomy and muscle set.
Human_Walking_Models.zip (1MB)

Human Running Models

These models are hindlimb only 2.5D models that demonstrate the effects of tendon elasticity.
ERAIPGA_Models.zip (2MB)

Hadrosaur Models

These are bipedal and quadrupedal Edmontosaurus models with simplfied musculature showing the range of gaits that can be generated for the morphology.
Hadrosaur_Models.zip (44KB)

Simple Biped Models

These are very simplified bipedal models of human (Homo), ostrich (Struthio), emu (Dromaius), and various bipedal dinosaurs (Allosaurus, Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor).
Simple_Biped_Models.zip (460KB)